Sunday, April 22, 2012

Xilinx XC4413


This is a mask programmed version of the XC4013/E FPGA.  I didn't realize Xilinx had ever made mask programmable FPGAs.  Maybe popular for reducing cost by removing the external flash or increased reliability for aero/mil/medical. 

The datasheet still talks about M2/M1/M0 for configuring the device...not sure how many people would order mask ROM part and then select parallel flash or w/e.  Presumably this input is really either "don't care" or potentially should be set to one of the special "reserved" values.  If the latter was the case it could potentially mean that this is an identical chip to the normal version with an all 0 mask.  Although I have a pile of XC4ks I don't have the exact replacement (XC4013/E) to compare it to.

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