Saturday, April 28, 2012

Intel 80960CF (i960)


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The i960 was a competitor to Intel's x86 processor line.  I've seen them in a number of embedded applications like printers so I guess they had some success.  According to Wikipedia they were phased out in favor of StrongARM.

This specimen is from somewhere in the middle of the lineage.  The die is reasonably large at  11.4 X 15.7 mm (179 mm**2).  Compare to something like the 8051 which has a 3.3 X 3.3 mm die (11 mm).  So, I only scanned this at 5x but you can still see some reasonable detail.  I started a scan at 50x, partially as a stitching challenge, but something shifted about halfway through and went out of focus.  I'll probably still try to stitch the good half and post at some point.  Photographing the whole die at 50x was estimated to take 32 hours and was about 24 hours in when I stopped it.  Even prematurely stopped, this is the largest scan I have ever done and still will yield a 3.5 GP after stitching from about 6200 images.

My thanks to the Lab Rat and friends for the donation.

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