Saturday, March 10, 2012

AWS scale controller

AWS scales are decent bang for buck. Unfortunately, they don't have reverse voltage protection and mine died after I plugged the wrong polarity adapter into it. Heres to its memory.

Wiki page / map link:

Still on board:

This chip uses aluminum bond wires which are less common but maybe more so for high volume electronics. I don't know exactly how many of these they sell but anything that is COB tends to fall under that category. I used H2SO4 to decap it and so while the PCB has been de-epoxied the copper traces are still intact.

Another interesting thing is that it has bus cheesing (the slits in the power rails around the chip) as well as fill patterns which generally suggests 350 nm or less and/or CMP. However, it appears to be non-planarized as you can see wires making imprints as they cross.

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